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Irrigation Systems Installation

Irrigation Installation, Auburn AL When an irrigation system is installed we typically tap into the existing water supply (An irrigation meter will cost $1500-2000.00, For most yards, this is about a 5+ year return on investment period, minimum). At the meter, we install a backflow preventer and cut off-valve. Trenches are run to lay heavy-duty SC40 pipe (Irrigation pipe is thinner, the savings it would bring us is not worth the quality we would compromise). This will put a 4-6” scar in your turf. If you would like this re-sodded, please make that request and we will include it in our price. The main line is run to our valve box, from this point, water is routed to different zones by automatic valves that are turned on/off by the controller. Almost all of our irrigation products are Hunter Brand. We need a nearby power source to plug the clock/controller into (very similar to a cell phone charger). Once the clock is programmed your irrigation system will automatically run.

There are two types of irrigation heads typically used. One is a turf head that shoots water 15 to 40 feet in a single stream. This is commonly used for watering grass (but can be used for beds as well). The second type is a spray head that shoots a fan-like stream of water 3-18 feet. These are commonly used in shrub beds or small turf areas. This series of Turf or Spray heads will be tied to an automatic valve which is controlled by the clock. The clock can be programmed to come on multiple times a day, with different durations and different days of the week. When it gets cool, simply turn the system off and the system will not run until you turn it back on in the spring.

ESTIMATES - We do not charge for estimates in the Auburn Opelika area. When a call is placed we will come to your house and examine your needs for improving the health of your yard. We price our sprinkler system by the zone, not by the head. This is because with low pressure, more zones are needed and with high pressure, zones can be consolidated. The majority of the time there are no changes in the estimate. (About the only exception we see is discovering there is a different type of pipe than PVC to tie into or the pressure provided is so bad a booster pump must be added. Neither can we anticipate until we are on site. Rarely are there other complications)

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