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About Us

About Auburn Irrigation, Auburn, AL Irrigation, even though it is not the most exciting part of your landscape, but for the health of your turf and the maturation of your trees and shrubs, it is vitally important. Since 2000, we have designed, installed, repaired and maintained hundreds of irrigation systems and landscapes. For us, irrigation is about assessing the watering needs of different trees and plantings and ensuring that all the living features in the landscaping get the amount of water they need, at the right intervals.

We install and service all types of irrigation systems for both commercial and residential clients. There are a number of benefits to getting a custom landscape irrigation system. A good irrigation system adds value to your home or business by beautifying your lawn and it can also save you money by using less water compared to dragging a sprinkler and hose around your yard. A well-designed and installed irrigation system will give you many years of trouble-free watering, and with the busy lives we all lead, its automated on/off programming will save you a lot of time. Our objective is to ensure that your landscape receives the perfect amount of water at the correct intervals, so you can rest assured that when the summer heat turns lawns brown, yours will still be green and plush.

Whether for your home, business, or agricultural enterprise, we have the background and training to assist with your irrigation needs. The type of watering system you get installed will depend on several factors, such as the relative size of the lawn, geographical location, underground utilities, and environmental regulations present in your zone. Our irrigation services include the following:

  • Analyzing your current irrigation system or assessing your lawn's custom needs
  • Designing and installing a high-quality, efficient irrigation system
  • Taking care of your agricultural or commercial irrigation systems
  • Providing better sprinklers that water your residential area more efficiently
  • Creating buget-friendly irrigation solutions for your home or business
  • Installing a drip irrigation system for your plants and trees

We create and install systems that ensure efficient, accurate, and optimal coverage. We are specialized in all areas of landscaping. When you invest in your lawn, landscape, and gardens, it is important to keep them healthy and looking their best. Irrigation systems become even more important if you have large garden beds, lawn areas, ornamental trees, and hedgerows in your landscape.

Your Trusted Landscaping and Irrigation Experts

We are a landscape and irrigation design and installation company that serves clients throughout Auburn, Opelika, Phoenix City and Dadeville, AL. We have a team of 3 designers, with over 40 years of experience combined. Our projects range from small plantings and patios to large estates and water features. We pride ourselves on being innovative and creative, while still focusing on environmental and ecological concerns. Regardless of the size or shape of your yard, we can work with you to develop better irrigation systems that will conserve water, save you money, and keep your property greener and more alive! Simply give us a call and we’ll get started. Got questions? We’re happy to address them to your satisfaction. Contact us today!
Serving the Auburn, Opelika and Lake Martin AreaCities that are served in Alabama (AL):