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Irrigation Services, Opelika AL We at Auburn Irrigation cater to clients in and around Auburn, Opelika, Phoenix City and Dadeville, AL. We offer comprehensive irrigation services including custom irrigation system installation, maintenance, and repairs. A properly functioning and efficient irrigation system keeps your landscape and lawn green and healthy. When you choose us, you are making an investment in your irrigation system and landscape area. If you care about your lawn and planting beds and the general aura of your landscape, our professional expertise can bring life and substance to your outdoor space. We provide our clients with the following services:

Irrigation Installation

When installing an irrigation system on any property, we first assess the needs of your softscapes to first make sure we are going to install the right type of irrigation system for your needs. Most irrigation systems are automated; which means you will never have to worry about watering your grounds at all. The system does it all for you! Read More about Irrigation Installation »

Irrigation Maintenance

We will come out to your property and carry out regular maintenance services on your irrigation system. It is important that your system is always running its best to ensure the health of your lawns, plants, trees and shrubs. Read More about Irrigation Maintenance »

Irrigation Design

We have a wealth of expertise in all areas of landscaping. Our team takes the initiative to give you thorough details about the various irrigation system types that are offered on the market. We'll make sure you know which irrigation system can work best for your surroundings and assist you in choosing the infrastructures you prefer. We use sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, and soaker hoses because every property will have different kinds of plants, shrubs, trees, and grasses. We can assist you whether you want to swap an outdated irrigation system or need one for a completely new landscape. Plants with similar watering requirements are placed in the same area, flowerbed, or planter when we plan the overall look of your landscape. This design eliminates the need for elaborate irrigation systems, lowering costs and increasing your landscape's water efficiency. No matter how big or small your landscape irrigation needs, we can help with the most cost-effective design solutions. Read More About Irrigation Design »


We believe that landscaping is in fact an extension of your home. It can be a place where you relax and entertain your friends and loved ones. As we are a company of Creative Habitats; we can ensure you get the best landscaping services in the State. Read More about Landscaping »

Landscape Design

We are aware that improving your outdoor space comes with significant obstacles. When you hire us for landscape design, we will be here to manage all these complex tasks. Due to our years of experience in the industry, we know the precise requirements for landscape planning services, such as landscape building, grading, planting, or other types of landscape restoration. And we know how to solve these issues where water and weather are the main challenges. We also emphasize the vegetation because different plant types require different environments to grow. We select plants that could withstand the local climatic conditions. Thanks to our skills in choosing the right plants for the job, your outdoor areas will always look their best. We use the best seeds, plantings, sod, trees, and flowers when designing any landscape. We also carefully plan the irrigation and drainage systems because they are essential elements and important in planning and creating a landscape. Read More About Landscape Design »

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is unquestionably one aspect that adds to a landscape's distinctiveness. You can use it to illuminate a landscape from all angles while creating a calming ambiance in the dark. Lighting can also be used to enhance the appearance of a landscape and even help to avoid accidents. It is easy to overlook the importance of lighting when designing a landscape. Proper lighting can add to a landscape's aesthetic value and increase its usability. Lighting in a landscape highlights interesting features, illuminates areas, and enhances the landscape's appearance. You can also use lighting to project landscape features, for example, by projecting a silhouette of a tree or any decorative element there. Our customers can rely on us to provide high-quality outdoor lighting solutions, and we know how to position lighting to maximize the impact on the exterior lighting of your home or place of business. Read More About Landscape Lighting »

12-Volt Outdoor Lighting

Experience the artistry and innovation of 12-Volt lighting with Auburn Irrigation. These services are designed to redefine your outdoor experience. Through a meticulous fusion of innovation and artistry, we craft lighting solutions that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency. Our commitment to top-tier products guarantees enduring quality, illuminating your landscape with a timeless radiance. Whether you're starting anew or transitioning from existing systems, our seamless 12-Volt solutions will elevate your space, conserving energy and reducing maintenance while enhancing your outdoor ambiance. Our company offers unparalleled sophistication and sustainability, ensuring your vision becomes a luminous reality. We are dedicated to illuminating your outdoor spaces with efficiency, elegance, and expertise. Illuminate your outdoor areas with brilliance, sophistication, and the assurance of a team dedicated to making your vision a radiant reality. Our team will provide customized solutions that align with your requirements and fit your budget. Read More About 12 Volt Outdoor Lighting »

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